A charity concert for children of Odesa

May 7, 2016 took there was a charity concert for children of Odesa, organized by church schools, and the National University of Odesa Law Academy. Children with disabilities of Odessa of various special educational institutions of Odessa were invited at the concert with the assistance of the Odessa branch of Ukrainian public organization of handicapped “Advocacy Association of Disabled”.

A wonderful children’s theater performance about virtue, morality, choice, truth was presented involving children of the local church school, where in the theatrical game shape children could see how can the talents and virtues be positive and negative. It was very interesting and childish fun. The children performed beautiful Easter songs. The hall applauded.

After the performance, the children were treated to sweets and all could freely talk, share experiences, make friends.

Children with disabilities of specialized boarding schools noted that they like such activities very much and they are happy to spend time in a new environment, especially among other children. Their joy, smiles, good mood, confidence is indicator of the right direction for us, it is aimed at their development, socialization, integration and adaptation.

Frankly, I heartily thank transport company TOURIST LLC located in Odessa for repeated assistance, which they provide to children with disabilities, cerebral palsy and polio consequences in their transportation to activities that are organized for their development, rehabilitation and recreation. Children and school staff respond with gratitude and kindness regarding assistance provided to them, and say that for them it is so important and necessary.

In such a difficult time we live, joint efforts of many concerned organizations are particularly important for children with needs. Besides making their childhood brighter, happier and memorable, we make an important common social work for the development of children with disabilities, their sense of the need and importance to society, security, tolerance of the environment. In turn, they can exercise their emotions, impressions, feelings in creativity – in drawings, creative work. We admire their ability to subtly feel the outside world and ability to represent it in works. Most of the children need to exert a lot of effort and patience to perform a particular creative work.

Children with disabilities are in particular need of our care and assistance in preparing for independent living, as since childhood their life began with health difficulties, and they often have complicated family circumstances. Responsibility and efforts aimed at education and development of such children show positive results for society as a whole, as we bring up prosperous future of our country.

Ukrainian public organization of handicapped “Advocacy Association of Disabled” sincerely thanks the National University of Odesa Law Academy for joint organization of social events, involving children with special needs, as well as for joint activities aimed at helping children with disabilities. We wish the staff prosperity, successful students and academic achievements.

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