Congratulations on the Day of Memory and Reconciliation

Dear veterans, participants of the World War II, workers of rear land!

These days, together with Europe and the whole world, we celebrate the Day of Memory and Reconciliation and honor the courageous dedication of those who 71 years ago attained victory of anti-Hitler coalition in the World War II.

We are in an irredeemable debt to the sons and daughters of Ukraine, whose youth was brutally put down by the war. We bow low to the act of bravery of those who saved the world from Nazism enslavement by cost of their lives, showing unprecedented heroism, courage and bravery.

Today, bloody military aggression in the east of our country eclipsed again our sky, taking lives of the best Ukrainian soldiers almost every day. Titanic battle for the victory of our people continues. The sacred duty of each of us is to be worthy the feat of fathers and grandfathers and to do everything to bring up children, to enjoy success in reaching the employment targets on a peaceful land.

It is the feat of veterans of World War II that inspires modern heroes to new heroic deeds. Indeed, thanks to them, we have a vivid example of invincibility of spirit, willpower and a strong love to Ukraine to overcome the enemy and to win.

I sincerely wish you and your families health, happiness, peace and prosperity in native independent Ukraine!

Eternal memory to the fallen, honor and glory to the living heroes!

Chairman of UPOH “Advocacy Association of Disabled” Oleksandr Vozniuk

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