Congratulations on the occasion of International Family Day!

International Family Day is determined by the General Assembly in 1993 and is celebrated annually on May, 15. Determining this day is intended to draw the attention of the world society on the importance and priority of the family.

The family is the basic element of society which holds human values, culture and historical continuity of generations. It is family that is the basis of the foundation of society and the state, but in general, it is the basis for prosperity and the guarantee of success and society development.

One can view on the development and success of the state viewing the development and success of the family and family traditions. All institutions of society are interrelated with the institution of the family.

Life begins from the family. It is the beginning of life in the family that is the first necessary and sufficient condition for the of the next generation’s development. Despite the complexity of the economic factor in the country, the family can overcome a lot of difficulties for the survival and development, for an adequate adaptation to environmental factors. The family is the source of endless unconditional love, respect, solidarity and acceptance favor for its members and for personal development that cannot be replaced completely by other institutions of education and stay.

A person cannot exist without family. And the child needs it even more.

Children with disabilities need family much more and required constant support and attention from adults because of health factors. We regret to say that many of them do not have family by reason of life circumstances and they have to be educated in special state institutions under the necessity. As far as possible, teams of these institutions fully care for children with disabilities, it is really a family for most of them, but of course no institute for education and maintenance can replace mom and dad for a child.

It is obvious that no public organization and social institution can replace a desired complete family for these children with special needs, but acting like this we can give these children more attention, love, care, comfort, and prepare them for future independent life, help them adapt to our society, independence, integrate them into it, help them find their place in it.

Ukrainian public organization of handicapped “Advocacy Association of Disabled” sincerely wishes everyone a happy International Family Day and wishes love, good health, family comfort, prosperity. We sincerely believe that all difficulties which happen in every family’s life only make it stronger, happier and friendlier.

As a public organization we urge to protect family, honor and love each another, support the weaker, and inspire stronger to feats, forgive misunderstanding, be patient and tolerant.

And special congratulations to families where live the kids with disabilities, we appreciate and are proud of your courage, perseverance, humanity and we urge to appreciate each other, and believe in dreams, because miracles and dreams come true in the most unexpected time and way.

Sincerely, Chairman of UPOH “Advocacy Association of Disabled”  Oleksandr Vozniuk

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