Happy Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary

On April 7 the Orthodox Church celebrates its Great Feast – the Annunciation.

This day humanity in the face of the Virgin Mary learned from the Archangel Gabriel about the birth of the world Savior. Instead, God received through His agent the good news of the Virgin Mary that she gladly and humbly accepted this God’s blessing.

Celebration of Annunciation originated in the 6th century. From the very beginning, this day was celebrated on April 7 organically linked to January 7 (Christmas), that is nine months before the birth of Jesus. Annunciation took place during Lent, so celebrations were banned.

The story of the Annunciation is contained in the Gospel of Luke (1, 26-38).

Hail, Mary,
Queen of the World, Heaven and Earth,
Blessed Virgin!
Your bright image in the Heaven
Dawns with the miraculous appearance.
You stand on earth pedestal like a radiant statue,
Your smile, the best of decorations,
Shines like an unfathomable mystery of caress.
A bright solar disk behind
Illuminates Thee from above and below,
Gives shine of rays
Wearing Thee a golden robe.

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