Happy Palms 2016

On April 28th NNGO “Human Rights Union of People with Disabilities” took part in a charity auction “Happy Palms”. It was organized not only to support orphans in Ukraine, to find out about their problems and creativity, but also as a reminder to the society that we are responsible for raising new, successful generation.

Many outstanding figures of Ukraine attended the event. Their hard work, development, actions and attitude is an important example and an incentive for children who, due to circumstances, were deprived of parental care. Orphans, participants of the festival, were happy to meet and talk to its famous guests: Grygorii Reshetnik, Svitlana Leontiyeva, Olga Sumska, Grygorii Chapkis, Evgen Khmara, Gabriella Massanga, Gennadiy Popenko, Marina Lapa, Yaroslava Rudenko and others. Performance of participants, their costumes and decorations created relaxed festive atmosphere.

Funds collected at the auction were evenly divided between the orphans-participants. Also children were awarded with valuable cosmetic prizes and stuffed animals. There’s a lot of positive emotions and attention. All kids got positive impressions, were satisfied and inspired for future achievements.

Indeed, it is important to remind people around us about social problems and help those who find themselves in difficult life circumstances. Only joint efforts of public institutions and organizations can reduce quantity of orphans, soften discomforts of disability and build successful future for all of us. After all, healthy society that is raising healthy generation forms healthy future of the state.

We are sincerely grateful to Olena Piddubna, for participating in this creative charity festival. The president of the International Charity Foundation “Happy Palms” has devoted last few years of her life to orphans and children with disabilities.

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