Flashmob “We are near” with the participation of children with special needs from Odessa on the day of the Christian holiday of Palm Sunday

Today, on the wonderful day of Saturday, on the day of Christian holiday of Palm Sunday celebration, magnificent children with special needs from different local special boarding schools of Odessa and students of Odessa National University of Law Academy, together with their president Sergiy Kivalov, and representatives of our organization of handicapped “Union of Human Rights of disabled people”, arranged an unforgettable flashmob called “We are near” for children. All together entertained with the clown-animator on students’ playground near the seaside, played interesting, mobile games, listened to the greetings from the Chairman of the Ukrainian public organization of handicapped “Advocacy Association of Disabled” Olexander Vozniuk, and president of Odessa National University of Law Academy Sergiy Kivalov, got delicacies, and together with the students planted dozens of trees on the slopes in the park near the seaside in Odessa.

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Happy Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary

On April 7 the Orthodox Church celebrates its Great Feast – the Annunciation.

This day humanity in the face of the Virgin Mary learned from the Archangel Gabriel about the birth of the world Savior. Instead, God received through His agent the good news of the Virgin Mary that she gladly and humbly accepted this God’s blessing.

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The dreams of girl Natasha from Odessa

Hi to everyone! My name is Natasha Solodka. Today is April of 2016, I am 12 years old. I live and study in the boarding school of Odessa. I have many friends, hobbies and good teachers there. I like painting, beading animals and nature, taking care of plants and trees, playing different games. It is not the first time my friends and me visited the equestrian club “Uncle’s Bo Rancho”, I like to spend time there very much. All of us, one by one, rode the horse and then the cart, a little bit later, we fed and stroked the animals. I adore animals, especially horses, since my childhood, I often bead and paint them in my pictures. The teacher says, that I’m good at it. I like when my dreams come true. The one of my dreams is to ride the horses often.

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Young volunteers from Ladyzhyn town Vinnytsia region support children with special needs

Vinnytsia’s center of Ukrainian public organization of handicapped “Advocacy Association of Handicapped” in association with urban environmental organization of Ladyzhyn GO “For clean environment” arranged and conducted the track of excursions and rest to the local equestrian club for young people, who study in educational institutions of Ladyzhyn town Vinnytsia region together with handicapped children.

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“My spirits rise” (Maksym, 9 years)

Hello everybody.

I am Maksym and I am 9. I live in Ladyzhyn, Vinnytska region. All my life I am so much interested in various animals. I am fond of horses best of all. When I am by their side or go horse riding, It seems to me that we understand each other as if I know their language and vice versa once two weeks. Every time I go to the ranch, my spirits rise, it is a great occasions for me to be there.

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