The dreams of girl Natasha from Odessa

Hi to everyone! My name is Natasha Solodka. Today is April of 2016, I am 12 years old. I live and study in the boarding school of Odessa. I have many friends, hobbies and good teachers there. I like painting, beading animals and nature, taking care of plants and trees, playing different games. It is not the first time my friends and me visited the equestrian club “Uncle’s Bo Rancho”, I like to spend time there very much. All of us, one by one, rode the horse and then the cart, a little bit later, we fed and stroked the animals. I adore animals, especially horses, since my childhood, I often bead and paint them in my pictures. The teacher says, that I’m good at it. I like when my dreams come true. The one of my dreams is to ride the horses often.

At first time, it was difficult to resist peacefully on a horse, and I was a little bit worried, but after the instructor’s help everything was good. Now, I’m not afraid anymore, and it seems to me, that the horse recognizes me. I’m feeling admiration, happiness and energy, while riding the horse. I always look forward to the next meeting with him.

I’d like to tell about the other animals on the rancho such as rabbits, chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, donkey and pony. We always visit, stroke and feed them. They are so cute, fluffy and good. They are moving, playing and tell something. When we visit them, the animals come closer, because they want us to feed them.

We like this rancho, because there are many animals and it’s great and joyfully to spend time there.

Thanks to all, who organizes such events for my friends and me. They make me happier and help to feel better, besides, I’m always in a good mood.

That’s how the young girl from the boarding school responds to trips to the “Uncle’s Bo Rancho” in the outskirts of Odessa.

We sincerely thank the leadership of the “Uncle’s Bo Rancho” for the opportunity for children with special needs from Odessa to visit this club. It is very important and useful for them. Spending a good time, children can communicate with animals, walk a beautiful territory, ride horses and feed other animals in the picturesque place of the rancho. Such walks are the part of children’s rehabilitation and development. They influence on their well-being and physical health positively.

We are Ukrainian public organization of handicapped “Union of Human Rights of disabled people”, with the help of concerned organizations and partners we are trying to arrange the projects, which will present children with their dreams, good everyday life and care of their health. We sincerely believe, that such projects effect positive results on children with special needs and they can feel themselves physically and mentally better. It will be memorable events for them and good childish memories in the future. Maybe, some of them will be able to link their lives with animals, taking care of them, or it will have an imprint in their creative work, which is so far the only important way of their development.

It is easy to do good.

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